A Design Collaborative - Art Incubator

Our network structure aims to bring together uniquely talented collaborators from a variety of disciplines. The inherent flexibility of this collaborative approach grants us the ability to respond directly to each project’s specific needs.  Our passion for all aspects of the built environment, both majestic and modest, ensures that we always deliver a holistic, detailed oriented approach to designing each project and to provide our clients with a space that they truly feel comfortable in.

The Team

Claudia Bader

Claudia believes that good design should never be obtrusive or obvert, but rather blend seamlessly with the experiences and emotions of those who interact with it. She believes that the most important quality of a good designer is their ability to listen, and interpret project demands into a synthesized responsive solution. Extraordinary works should always seem like natural extensions of the user experience and should never sacrifice quality and pleasure for vanity.

Timothy Mitanidis

Timothy insists that true beauty in architecture and design can only emerge through the deployment of dynamic responses to a multitude of project constraints. The causative social, economic and cultural systems which are constantly at play in the world around us must be thoughtfully addressed and carefully balanced to create a truly inspiring aesthetic which exists in harmony with the forces responsible for its creation.

Sana Kadri

Sana thinks good design and architecture should be a physical manifestation of an idealized reality. This manifestation should solve the multifaceted issues we encounter daily. When she is not designing, Sana enjoys running the company’s Instagram page. 


Car Martin

Car Martin is a designer, artist and facilitator working on three-dimensional projects of all scales, from urban design visioning to small precious objects. Much of Car’s work revolves around the interface between social and physical systems, exploring new ways for people to participate and collaborate in the making of places and things. 


Evgenia Filipenko

Throughout her career, Evgenia worked on various projects ranging from urban design and mixed-use developments to residential interior design. Being interested in digital fabrication methods, Evgenia applies her professional and creative skill-set to design interior spaces, art installations and small scale residential architecture.



Our Services

We pride ourselves in fostering exceptional relationships with our clients throughout the design and construction process. We believe through clear communication and identifying goals in regards to aesthetics, budget and timelines the most fruitful projects are manifested.We have a commitment to a high standard of quality, and provide innovative and economic solutions for individual project needs.
  • Tim and Claudia from Creative Union Network were always so full of ideas and solutions when trying to get this small but ambitious project come to life. Good communicators, passionate and thorough, always going above and beyond, with great attention to detail.  

  • "I cannot say enough good about the incredible work Creative Union did for us and our home. Not only did they far exceed our expectation in every way in terms of the approach, design, and oversight of our new home’s renovations, but the end result was breathtaking and has been far better than we ever envisioned our dream home capable of."  

  • “They’re also just lovely people to be around.”  

  • “We just load these guys up with dreams  and they make them come true”