Laneway Suites

What are Laneway Suites? 

Laneway suites are a specific type of detached secondary suite. They are  dwellings constructed behind a residential home on lots abutting a public laneway. They provide home owners living with such lots with the opportunity to increase property value, gain an additional source of income all the while adhering to the city’s initiative to a slower pace of development. 

Not sure if your property qualifies?

Don’t hesitate to contact us to get more detailed information about your property and its specific requirements!

Pros of Laneway Suites in Toronto 

  • Increasing Rental Unit Supply
  • Affordable Access to Established Neighbourhoods
  • Making Home Ownership More Affordable
  • Increased Safety in City Laneways
  • Multi-Generational Living 
  • Slower Pace of Development While Maintaining Neighbourhood Character 

For more information: City of Toronto