Laneway Suites

Our latest laneway “Little Barn” project is now completed! Check it out here

What are Laneway Suites? 

Laneway suites are an exciting new housing typology that has recently been approved for implementation along all Toronto’s residential laneways. Laneway suites are detached buildings located behind existing homes that are intended to provide additional rental space to low rise residential lots. There are numerous benefits of having laneway suites on the property. First, new laneway development provides owners with increased income potential which in turn gives homeowners the ability to mitigate escalating property costs. Secondly, laneways houses add an important new source of housing that addressed Toronto’s need for increased densities. Finally, laneway spaces are a net positive development approach that makes a positive contribution to the liveliness and livability of our city.  


Not sure if your property qualifies?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to get more detailed information about laneway suites and if your property meets the city’s development requirements.

Pros of Laneway Suites in Toronto 

  • Increasing Rental Unit Supply
  • Affordable Access to Established Neighbourhoods
  • Making Home Ownership More Affordable
  • Increased Safety in City Laneways
  • Multi-Generational Living 
  • Slower Pace of Development While Maintaining Neighbourhood Character 

For more information: City of Toronto